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We are actively improving TAG Portal. Below you will find the information on our latest updates

TAG Portal 6.1


You will be glad to hear that we added two (2) new functionalities to our portal for TAG Portal 6.1!

  1. The location code for the purchase Oorder is now automatically fetched and populated from vendor card.

  2. The pickup form has been reworked to support the partial receiving of requirements/usage for a single purchase order.

We also dedicated time to fix some bugs that were impacting your user experience. Here is a list of the bugs that were fixed:

  1. The EQ subgroup is not included in the payload when create EQ from the scratch
  2. We can allow the user to view the equipment subgroup after creating a subassembly equipment.
  3. Need to sort descending the WO when open the WO list
  4. When opening the Work Order list, results are now shown in descending order with the last created Work Order being at the top.
  5. When in Timesheet Company, the user is able to see both the posted and non-posted bookings for the timesheet line they created.
  6. It is now possible to create a request with a blank requester (if permitted in TAG BC setup).
  7. It is now possible to see all unscheduled tasks when using the drag-and-drop feature for Work Orders.
  8. Its is now possible to see attachments from the Work Order header and the Work Order line.
  9. Users are now able to edit and delete tasks when the edit and delete options are enabled in the user’s mobile profile.
  10. The following options in the user mobile profile are now respected when enabled:
  • Edit Work Order
  • Delete Work Order
  • Create Work Order
  • Edit task
  • Delete task
  • Create task
  • Edit Purchase Order
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Edit Request
  • Create Request

TAG Portal 6.0


Here's so much to be excited about with Release Notes TAG 6.0!

For starters, we've added the ability to merge attachments into a single PDF when printing a work order (WO), and the ability to print PO from portal.

We've also improved Time & Attendance: bookings in calendars now show with different colors according to status, crew cards are now refreshed when deleted, and notifications are sent when creating PO.

We've made improvements to Pick-up form as well: you can pick up partial quantities and the "order date" has been replaced by "receiving date".

Finally, Report maintenance form now features a header that is locked when scrolling and supports negative values in the usage section. In addition, there have been changes made such as default values for "Pay to Vendor" and "Bought from Vendor", renaming "posting date" to "receiving date" and more... All of which will make life easier than ever before!

Complete technical list

  1. The "Add Request" button was removed from the review request list.
  2. Only the manager can add new requirements to an opened purchase order from the edit purchase order form.
  3. The "Load Overview" tab is removed from the Equipment page.
  4. The Location tab and Facility tab have been removed from the WO page.
  5. The refresh button in the Equipment, Work Order, and Schedule pages have been removed.
  6. Allows users to send PO approval requests and cancel requests from the portal.
  7. Support the load of a big number of equipment and provide users with tree equipment overview- Add the page refresh button next to the notification button.
  8. Added ability from Business Central to merge attachments into a single PDF when printing a work order.
  9. Added ability to print PO from portal.
  10. Bookings in the calendar now show with different colour according to status.
  11. Crew cards are now refreshed when deleted (Time and Attendance).
  12. Added notification when creating PO.
  13. Added ability to pick up partial quantities in "pick-up" form.
  14. In "pick-up" form, the "purchased" column has been renamed to "quantity to receive".
  15. In the "pick-up" form, the "order date" has been replaced by "receiving date".
  16. In report maintenance form, in the requirements popup, the header is now locked when scrolling.
  17. The "Report Maintenance" form in the "usage" section now supports negative values.
  18. In "Report Maintenance" form usage section the search bar is now case insensitive.
  19. In TAG mobile profile, in the "usage" section of all forms, added ability to hide usage unit cost and vendor fields from users. (Configurable by anyone with BC access).
  20. Added default values for "Pay to Vendor" and "Bought from Vendor" fields in create PO form section.
  21. When sending PO to approval, the limits set in "Approval User Setup" in BC are now respected.
  22. Renamed "posting date" to "receiving date" in the PO list, card, and forms.
  23. When completing a Work Order, usage that is linked to a service item or a non-inventory item is not posted to the item journal.
  24. In the PO list, the column header has been changed from "Tag web service user" to "created by".
  25. Added notification when creating PO (in procurement form).
  26. "Bought from Vendor" populate by default "Pay to Vendor" in creating the purchase order form. Users can then manually change the value of "Pay to Vendor" if it's not the same as "bought to vendor"
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